About Exclusively Bimmers


About Exclusively Bimmers - Charleston BMW Service Specialists

Exclusively Bimmers, which was started in 1998, has a philosophy of honesty and integrity along with our detail oriented expert service.

We appreciate our customers and our goal is to build long term relationships.

We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and honesty. We are not always the least expensive independent repair shop, but when only you work on one type of car you become an expert on diagnosis.

Another unique feature at Exclusively Bimmers is our technicians are on salary so that there isn't any incentive to sell something you don’t need. At the majority of shops, including dealers , most technicians are on 100% commission, which means the more they sell the more they make.

The owner, Dennis Walczuk, is in remission from cancer and he wants to thank the hundreds of wonderful customers who have shown their support and have prayed for this miraculous recovery.